About From Seed To Plate

It is the early evening of May 2020, and I am in a grocery store with my granddaughter. We are here to stock up on some vegetables, fruits and things. But I am shocked to see empty shelves in the produce section. My little granddaughter looks at me and says Nana why don’t we grow our own vegetables – we just need some seeds, and some tender loving care and we can have salads every day. So began our gardening journey, indoors and outdoors. I am sharing my passion and knowledge that I have gained through this process. I hope you enjoy the information on this website and that it helps you to start growing your own food – the time is now, for you to start to grow your own food, right where you are, whether you are in a house or an apartment, we will show you how – we do all the research for you, so that you can grow delicious food to serve to your family.
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